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 New Manga in the making by Seta

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New Manga in the making by Seta Empty
PostSubject: New Manga in the making by Seta   New Manga in the making by Seta Icon_minitimeWed May 12, 2010 1:52 pm

Hey guys im making a new manga, its called Sean Amokino, im not a good story writer but this is what i got so far.

Sean Amokino is a Swordsmen with his Tiger spirit partner, Neo. Spirit partners are souls of
animals that form a bond with you when you try go next to the animal you and the animla will feel something.
Sean Amokino is trying to make a clan to compete in tournaments and be the best swordsmen
in the world, the winner of the tournamentis decided on surrender or knockout.

Here is the front page i drew and coloured in photoshop:

New Manga in the making by Seta 2m79cm0

New Manga in the making by Seta 9thk0k
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New Manga in the making by Seta Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Manga in the making by Seta   New Manga in the making by Seta Icon_minitimeWed May 26, 2010 10:54 pm

Naru Narusegawa:
Naru is a 17-year old student at Keitaro's cram school with an extremely fiery temper. Of all the girls in the Hinata Sou, Keitaro manages to annoy her the most, usually by accidentally grabbing her in unfortunate places or walking in on her while she is naked or changing her clothes.
Otohime Mutsumi:
Mutsumi is a very gentle, very frail, clumsy and soft-spoken 21 year old girl who lives in Okinawa. Keitaro and Naru meet her while taking some time off for a brief vacation after flunking their entrance exams. (In the anime, Keitaro has a brief and near-fatal encounter with her on his way to the entrance exam.) Like Keitaro and Naru, Mutusmi had just flunked her entrance exam for Tokyo U, and was also taking a trip to get a hold of herself again. And like Keitaro, she too is a third year Ronin.
Maehara Shinobu:
Shinobu is a 12-year old schoolgirl who, after a bad start in which Keitaro lied about being in Tokyo Daigaku and his subsequent failed attempts to make it up to her, develops quite a crush on Keitaro (or Sempai - a Japanese term for elder - as she calls him). In the anime, she is first introduced as a grieving girl who has run away from home due to domestic turmoil, however, in the manga she is already at the Hinata Sou when Keitaro arrives.
Aoyama Motoko:
Motoko is a 15-year old school girl who is extremely serious, athletic and into Kendo. She has difficulty dealing with other people, especially males; she finds men to be a distraction that keep her from being able to concentrate fully on her studies and kendo practice. Her relationship with Keitaro initially resembles Naru's relationship with him; he all too often finds himself on the receiving end of various attacks as a result of his frequent mishaps. She eventually mellows out as she becomes used to him and eventually finds herself developing feelings for him.
Kaolla Su:
Kaolla Su is a 13-year old foreign transfer student. It is not clear exactly where she is from, though both the anime and manga depict her as having a somewhat middle-eastern influence, and both specify that she is not Indian. She is a very hyperactive girl who is usually either kicking someone, trying to eat something or inventing some potentially dangerous new device.
Konno Mitsune:
Mitsune (a.k.a. Kitsune) is a 19-year old freelance writer who is frequently drunk, teasing Keitaro, or both - often at the same time. She's a practical joker and troublemaker extraordinaire; her mission in life seems to be to ensure that things never get too dull nor those around her too complacent.
Organic Seo |Christian Seo
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New Manga in the making by Seta
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