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 Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats

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Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats Empty
PostSubject: Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats   Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats Icon_minitimeThu May 13, 2010 10:01 pm

66-70 Orange Weapons

Fallen Emperor Sword * Unforgivable1-Handed Sword661446-1.52018--1012%NA HP Drain: +30%, MP Cost: -45--
Bodor's Berserker Blade1-Handed Sword681502-1.51020--1812%CRIT: +7%--
Hegemon Sword * King of the Night2-Handed Sword673095-2.12333--4312%H: -30%20% AttackedCSD, Duration: 8
Light Knight's Golden Sword2-Handed Sword683216-2.12525--4915%CRIT: +8%--
Bloodlusty Queen's Liferobbing Crown1-Handed Axe662024-1.92815--512%-8% AttackingNA HP Drain: +25%, Duration: 10
Smulca's Hades Soulstealing Axe1-Handed Axe682104-1.92315--1012%CRITD: +35%--
Steel Angel's Immortal Wing Blade2-Handed Axe673980-2.53343--2312%MSPD: +15%100% AttackedDamage Reflection: 40%
Silver Fighter's Crystal Axe2-Handed Axe694134-2.54633--2015%CRITD: +55%--
Arctic King's Avatar Scepter1-Handed Hammer6617359971.71528-5-12%CSPD: +15%20% AttackedSleeps Enemy, Duration: 5
Jundo's Punitive Exiling Hammer1-Handed Hammer68180310371.71523-10-18%MCRIT: +3.5%--
Conqueror's Commanding Hammer2-Handed Hammer67353814242.32950-20-12%-25% AttackingAttack 3H.
Divine Praetorian Guardian Hammer2-Handed Hammer69367514792.3354420--18%MCRIT: +5.5%--
Halo MelodyBow661735-2.81015--2312%EVA: +20%, CRITD Received: -45%--
Quill's Complex Mechanical BowBow681803-2.81220--1615%CRIT: +8%--
Sniper * Northern Kingdom ScionGun662024-31523--1012%-12% AttackingGun ASPD: +50%, RACC: +45%, Duration: 20
Bahado's Demon Flying Fish GunGun682104-31620--1215%CRITD: +55%--
Revealer's Directing CoreStaff66178919952.5-383823-15%-12% AttackingACC: +100%, CSD, Duration: 10
Flaming Halo Core's ViseStaff68195320742.5-105030-15%CSD12% AttackingDamage Received: -50%, Duration: 8
Mosunk's Bloodline Elder StaffStaff70202921532.5-503019-21%MCRIT: +6%--
Phoenix's Shrouding FeatherShield66622591--161616-28%MCRITD Received: -40%10% AttackingRoot Enemy, Duration: 3
Blackwing Phoenix's Indestrucible Feather ShieldShield68634603-1830---28%-8% AttackingMCRIT: +100%, CT: -100%, Duration: 10
Alice's Promised ShieldShield70647614-2515-8-40%---
Icon of EternityPaladin Relic67845--152112---MP Cost: -3015% AttackedMagic Damage Received: -100%, Duration: 6
Enlightened's Book of InfinityPriest Relic67296296--201612--MSPD: +10%20% AttackedEVA: +50%, Duration: 6
Annihilator's HandMage Relic67-422--132015--MP Cost: -55 15% AttackedMCRIT/MCRITD: +30%, Duration: 10

Note about the Alice Shield: The 40% block is my estimate. The official announcement neglected to include the number, and, given it has no other abilities, the block rate must be its selling point. It may be more or less.

70 Yellow Weapons

NameTypeLevelATK/RATK/DEF/HPMATK/MDEF/MPASPDSTRVITINTWILAGIACC/BStatic AbilityActivation ConditionActivated Ability
Fallen Emperor - Dark Night1-Handed Sword702005-1.56022--3818%NA HP Drain: 30%, MP Cost: -45--
Arctic King - Fang of Light1-Handed Hammer70240713841.7403050--18%CSPD: +15%20% AttackedSleeps attacker, Duration: 5
Scarlet Queen - Climax Kiss1-Handed Axe702808-1.96520--3518%-8% AttackingHP Drain: 25%, Duration: 10
Hegemon's Blade - Eternal Night2-Handed Sword704212-2.110875--6518%H: -30%20% AttackedCSD, Duration: 8
Conqueror's Reign - Rising Sun Hammer2-Handed Hammer70481519382.39680-72-18%-25% AttackingAttack 3H
Steel Angel - Demon Wing Edge2-Handed Axe705416-2.512070--5818%MSPD: +15%AttackedDamage Reflection: 40%
Halo Wind - Brilliant JadeBow702407-2.8-45-383718%EVA: +20%, CRITD Received: -45%--
Northland Scion - Scorched SkyGun702808-36624--3018%-12% AttackingGun ASPD: +50%, Ranged ACC: + 45%, Duration: 20
Radiant Flame Core - Soul EyeStaff70260827682.5-9511241-25%CSD12% AttackingDamage Received: -50%, Duration: 8
Blackwing Phoenix - Falling StarShield70715679-226038--30%-8% AttackingMCRIT: +100%, CT: -100%, Duration: 10
Saintly Icon - PlatinumPaladin Relic701056--4460-16--MP Cost: -3015% AttackedMagic Damage Received: -100%, Duration: 6
Book of Infinity - OraclePriest Relic70370370-186240---MSPD: +10%20% AttackedEVA: +50%, Duration: 6
Annihilator - ZeroMage Relic70-528--584418--MP Cost: -5515% AttackingMCRIT: +30%, MCRITD: +30%, Duration: 10

74-75 Orange Weapons

Emperor Sword * Punitive Extermination1-Handed Sword741677-1.51717--2012%-5% AttackingCRIT: +100%, Duration: 5
Illusion Hammer * Snowshade1-Handed Hammer7417269921.7181818--12%-8% AttackingAttack 3H.
Roar of Blood * Rend1-Handed Axe742348-1.92420--1012%-10% AttackingSTR: +250, Duration: 10
Holy Sword * Hegemon's Wings2-Handed Sword753584-2.13037--4412%-5% Attacking2-Handed Sword Damage: +100%, Duration: 8
Holy Hammer * Gospel of Creation2-Handed Hammer75409616452.3373737--12%-20% AttackedDamage Reflection: 150%
Hegemon * Gaia's Fang2-Handed Axe754609-2.55040--2112%NA HP Drain: 15%--
Purity's WingsBow742013-2.81018--2612%-15% AttackingRASPD: +50%, Duration: 8
Demon Bow * Nether Dragon King's RageBow742013-2.81026--1812%-5% AttackingSkill 3H.
Sniping Hunter KillerGun742348-31810--2612%-10% AttackingAGI: +50, ASPD: +50%, Duration: 6
Dark Shadow * Barren PreludeGun742348-32610--1812%RATK: +10%, EVA: +10%--
Destruction EagleStaff74218023142.5-463530-18%MATK: +8%, MDEF: +8%, Can't be put to sleep.--
Illusion Sky Demon * Hell of ArmageddonStaff75221923552.5-304635-18%CSD, HP: +20%--
Sun King's HaloShield74671637-1826-10-28%-5% AttackedDEF: +100%, Duration 5
Iron Prison * Hegemon of DarknessShield75677643-2618--1028%-5% AttackedATK: +100%, Duration: 5
Mystical Fighter's TracePaladin Relic74950--1826-10---8% AttackingSTR: +100, AGI: +100, Duration: 10
Mystical Emperor's Avatar RunePriest Relic74333333--1818-18-Magic Damage Reflection: 50%--
Evil King's Hell ClawMage Relic74-475--152118---30% AttackedDamage Reflection: 100%, Duration: 5

75 Yellow Weapons

Emperor Sword * Holy Salvation1-Handed Sword752194-1.56424--4018%-5% AttackingCRIT: +100%, Duration: 5
Illusion Hammer * Flying Cloud1-Handed Hammer75263315141.7433253--18%-8% AttackingAttack 3H.
Roar of Hatred * Rend1-Handed Axe753073-1.96823--3718%-10% AttackingSTR: +250, Duration: 10
Holy Sword * Gospel of Hope2-Handed Sword754608-2.111680--6818%-5% Attacking2-Handed Sword Damage: +100%, Duration: 8
Holy Hammer * Earthsplitting Might2-Handed Hammer75526721202.31149060--18%-20% AttackedDamage Reflection: 150%
Hegemon * Sea Queen's Fury2-Handed Axe755926-2.513072--6218%NA HP Drain: 15%--
Sage's WingsBow752633-2.83048--5018%-15% AttackingASPD: +50%, Duration: 8
Dark Shadow * Endless FinaleGun753075-37026--3218%RATK: +10%, EVA: +10%--
Illusion Sky Demon * Heaven of CreationStaff75285330282.5-9811848-25%CSD, HP: +20%--
Galaxy's HaloShield75748711-3766-25-30%-5% AttackedDEF: +100%, Duration 5
Mystical Sage's TracePaladin Relic751188--4862-18---8% AttackingSTR: +100, AGI: +100, Duration: 10
Mystical Emperor's Blessing RunePriest Relic75416416--6642-20-Magic Damage Reflection: 50%--
Evil King's Purgatoral FangMage Relic75-594--604820---30% AttackedDamage Reflection: 100%, Duration: 5

79-80 Orange Weapons

Peerless Hegemon * Ice Seal1-Handed Sword791827-1.51818--2414%STR: +5015% AttackingMP Damage: 3500-5000, Enemy WIL: -180, Duration: 8
Foursided Ghost Hammer * Change1-Handed Hammer79219212601.7202020--14%CT: -10%, H: +10%, Casting Interruption: -30%, MSPD: +10%--
Prideful One * Blood Teeth1-Handed Axe792558-1.92622--1214%H: -20%12% AttackngRoots Enemy, Exhausts Enemy, Duration: 1
Indifferent * Devouring One2-Handed Sword803899-2.13939--4514%MSPD: +10%, RATK: +10%--
Warning Mechanic Lightning * Detonate2-Handed Hammer80445617942.3414141--14%CRIT: +5%, ASPD: +20%15% AttackingStuns enemy, Duration: 2
Golden Wing * Flash2-Handed Axe805013-2.55341--2914%NA HP Drain: 10%20% Attacking; 15% AttackingAttack 2H; Roots Enemy, Exhausts Enemy, Duration: 2
Illusion Beast Exterminator * KillBow792192-2.81319--2814%-10% AttackingAGI: +50, Bow ASPD: +50%, Duration: 6
Rare Beast Hunter * TriformBow802229-2.81328--1914%---
Absolute Sniper: AlphaGun802600-32813--1914%H: -10%8% AttackingSTR: +50, ASPD: +20%, Duration: 5
Demon Sniper: ZeroGun792558-31913--2814%---
Dimension * Transcending RingStaff80241425632.5-345039-12%-25% Attacking; 30% AttackingAttack 2H.; MP Damage: 3000-6000, Enemy WIL: -150, Duration: 8
Wings of Wisdom * EagleStaff79237425212.5-503934-12%H: -50%, MSPD: +12%--
Cold Wing Defender * FallenShield79701666-2028-12-28%H: -10%10% AttackedDEF: +20%, Duration: 8
Holy Steel Shield * SilvermoonShield80707672-2820-12-28%H: +10%10% AttackedSTR: +100, Melee ASPD: +20%, Duration: 20
Explode Brave MarkPaladin Relic791056--2028-12--MSPD: +5%15% AttackingCRIT: +20%, CRITD: +20%, Duration: 10
Book of Utmost SacrificePriest Relic79370370--2020-20-ASPD: +10%, One-handed Weapon Damage: +10%--
Forbidden Book of History's ShadowMage Relic79-528--172419---15% AttackingRoots Enemy, Enemy DEF: -10%, Duation: 1
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Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats Empty
PostSubject: Re: Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats   Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats Icon_minitimeThu May 13, 2010 10:03 pm

Level 70

Warlord - Hegemon Warrior Set: Male
Hegemon Warrior's Helmet7058241588-8
Hegemon Warrior's Armor697495341814-16
Hegemon Warrior's Greaves676784841814-16
Hegemon Warrior's Gloves683432448-88
Hegemon Warrior's Boots6831522188-8
3-Piece BonusACC: +20%, DEF: +10%
4-Piece BonusVIT: +21, Damage Received: -10%
5-Piece BonusEVA: +8%, 20% Attacking: [Causes attack to hit three times.]

Templar - Regal Heart Set: Female
Regal Heart Helmet7059440788-8
Regal Heart Armor69764523162012-
Regal Heart Greaves676924741620-12
Regal Heart Gloves683502398106-
Regal Heart Boots68408279810-6
3-Piece BonusACC: +15%, WIL: +21
4-Piece BonusCRIT: +10%, CRITD: +70%
5-Piece BonusMP Cost: -60

Sharpshooter - Sunstriker Set: Male
Sunstriker Hat704954526108
Sunstriker Armor69638581141618
Sunstriker Pants67576526141618
Sunstriker Gloves682912666108
Sunstriker Boots683403106108
3-Piece BonusACC: +20%, EVA: +10%
4-Piece BonusRATK: +15%, AGI: +21
5-Piece BonusHP: +20%, CRITD: +45%

Darkstalker - Spectre Set: Female
Spectre Mask70485461106-8
Spectre Breastplate6962559320-1216
Spectre Tights675655372012-16
Spectre Wrist Guards68285271186--
Spectre Boots68333316186--
3-Piece BonusEVA: +20%, STR: +21
4-Piece BonusDualwielding damage: +20%
5-Piece BonusPhysical Damage Received: -20%, ACC: +15%

Prophet - Hymnist Set: Female
Hymnist Hat70544497-186
Hymnist Robes697016401630--
Hymnist Slacks67635579-3016-
Hymnist Gloves683202928-16-
Hymnist Boots68373341-818-
3-Piece BonusSTR: +21, ATK: +15%
4-Piece BonusCSPD: +15%, ACC: +15%
5-Piece BonusCannot be stunned/dizzy, B: +10%

Mystic - Beast God's Spirit Set: Male
Beast God's Spirit Hat70533507888--
Beast God's Spirit Robes69687653161616--
Beast God's Spirit Slacks67622591161616--
Beast God's Spirit Gloves6831429888--8
Beast God's Spirit Boots683663488--88
3-Piece BonusSTR: +14, INT: +7
4-Piece BonusDamage Received: -10%, EVA: +15%
5-Piece BonusCRIT/MCRIT Received: -25%, HP: +15%

Archmage - Alternate Dimension Set: Male
Alternate Dimension Hat70436553888
Alternate Dimension Robes69562712161616
Alternate Dimension Slacks67509645161616
Alternate Dimension Gloves68257325-88
Alternate Dimension Boots68300380-88
3-Piece BonusVIT: +21, EVA: +15%
4-Piece BonusCSPD: +10%, MATK: +10%
5-Piece BonusACC: +15%, 35% Attacking: [Causes attack to hit twice.]

Demonologist - Hades Set: Female
Hades Crown70445542158-
Hades Robes6957369830-18
Hades Slacks67519632161616
Hades Gloves68262319815-
Hades Boots68306373815-
3-Piece BonusPhantom Form Duration: +12
4-Piece BonusVIT: +14, INT: +7, CSPD: +15%
5-Piece BonusH: -40%, MCRIT: +15%

Level 75

Warlord - Super War God's Set: Male || Female
Super War God's Helmet7560943499-9
Super War God's Armor747125071618-20
Super War God's Greaves727125071618-20
Super War God's Gloves73359256999-
Super War God's Boots7341929899-9
3-Piece BonusMP: +20%, VIT: +14
4-Piece BonusACC: +20%, ASPD: +20%
5-Piece BonusSTR: +21, CRIT: +10%

Templar - Holy Templar Set: Male || Female
Holy Templar Helmet75621425999-
Holy Templar Armor748005482218-1
Holy Templar Greaves72726497221814-
Holy Templar Gloves733662511197-
Holy Templar Boots734272921197-
3-Piece BonusVIT: +14, B: +10%
4-Piece BonusH: +45%, STR: +21
5-Piece BonusCannot be Stunned/Dizzy, HP: +20%

Sharpshooter - Meteor Sniper Set: Male || Female
Meteor Sniper's Hat755184727911
Meteor Sniper's Armor74667609161820
Meteor Sniper's Pants72605552161820
Meteor Sniper's Gloves733052787911
Meteor Sniper's Boots733563257911
3-Piece BonusCRIT: +10%, AGI: +14
4-Piece BonusACC: +30%, MSPD: +10%
5-Piece BonusMP Cost: -60, VIT: +21

Darkstalker - Evil Emperor Shadow Set: Male || Female
Evil Emperor Shadow Mask755184727911
Evil Emperor Shadow Armor74667609161820
Evil Emperor Shadow Pants72605552161820
Evil Emperor Shadow Gloves733052787911
Evil Emperor Shadow Boots733563257911
3-Piece BonusAGI: +7, STR: +7, ACC: +20%
4-Piece BonusVIT: +21, EVA: +20%
5-Piece BonusCRIT: +10%, 5% Attacked: [EVA: +100%, Duration: 4]

Prophet - Holy Gospel Set: Male || Female
Holy Gospel Hat75570520999
Holy Gospel Robe74735670181818
Holy Gospel Tights72665608181818
Holy Gospel Gloves73336307999
Holy Gospel Boots73392358999
3-Piece BonusSTR: +7, INT: +7, MDEF: +10%
4-Piece BonusHP: +20%, ACC: +25%
5-Piece BonusCSPD: +30%, MCRIT: +15%

Mystic - Pantheon Judgment Set: Male || Female
Pantheon Judgment Hat755595319117-
Pantheon Judgment Robe747206841818-18
Pantheon Judgment Tights726526201818-18
Pantheon Judgment Gloves73329313911-7
Pantheon Judgment Boots733843659-99
3-Piece BonusVIT: +14, MDEF: +10%
4-Piece BonusACC: +20%, STR: +21
5-Piece Bonus20% Attacking: [Causes Attack to hit three times.], EVA: +30%

Archmage - Divine Elemental Might Set: Male || Female
Divine Elemental Might Crown75457579189-
Divine Elemental Might Robe7458974636-18
Divine Elemental Might Tights725346761836-
Divine Elemental Might Gloves73269341918-
Divine Elemental Might Boots73314398918-
3-Piece BonusDamage Received: -15%, INT: +14
4-Piece BonusVIT: +14, WIL: +7, ACC: +20%
5-Piece BonusCSPD: +30%, MCRIT: +15%

Demonologist - Destroyer Hell Dragon Set: Male || Female
Destroyer Hell Dragon Crown75466568918-
Destroyer Hell Dragon Robe74601731181818
Destroyer Hell Dragon Tights72545663181818
Destroyer Hell Dragon Gloves73275334-189
Destroyer Hell Dragon Boots73320390-189
3-Piece BonusMSPD: +15%, ACC: +15%
4-Piece BonusINT: +14, Promoted Shadow Arrow Damage: +45%
5-Piece BonusVIT: 21, CSPD: +25%

Level 80

Warlord - Berserk War God's Set: Male || Female
Berserk War God's Helmet806364531110-9
Berserk War God's Armor798205842520-15
Berserk War God's Greaves777445302022-18
Berserk War God's Gloves7837526715105-
Berserk War God's Boots784383121213-5
3-Piece BonusACC: +20%, STR: +30
4-Piece BonusCRIT: +10%
5-Piece Bonus20% Attacking: [Causes Attack to hit twice.] CRITD: +30%

Templar - Holy Charge Set: Male || Female
Holy Charge Helmet806494441011-9
Holy Charge Armor79837573232413-
Holy Charge Greaves777595202224-14
Holy Charge Gloves7838326210146-
Holy Charge Boots7844730612108-
3-Piece BonusACC: +20%, STR: +21
4-Piece BonusASPD: +20%
5-Piece Bonus10% Attacking: [Causes Attack to hit twice.]

Sharpshooter - Elegant Treasure Hunter Set: Male || Female
Elegant Treasure Hunter's Hat8054149481111
Elegant Treasure Hunter's Armor79698636202218
Elegant Treasure Hunter's Pants77632577202218
Elegant Treasure Hunter's Gloves7831929181210
Elegant Treasure Hunter's Boots7837234081012
3-Piece BonusAGI: +21, EVA: +10%
4-Piece BonusHP: +10%, Physical Damage Received: -10%
5-Piece BonusMongoose Reflex Duration: +8

Darkstalker - Dark Ninja Heart's Eye Set: Male || Female
Dark Ninja Heart's Eye Mask805305041210-8
Dark Ninja Heart's Eye Armor796846492421-15
Dark Ninja Heart's Eye Pants77620589222414-
Dark Ninja Heart's Eye Gloves783132971210-8
Dark Ninja Heart's Eye Boots783653471212-6
3-Piece BonusCRIT: +10%, STR: +21
4-Piece BonusDual Weapon Damage: +20%
5-Piece Bonus20% Attacked: [STR: +50, Cannot be Stunned/Dizzy, Duration: 5.]

Prophet - Elegant Protector Set: Male || Female
Elegant Protector Hat8059554312108
Elegant Protector Robe79767700232017
Elegant Protector Tights77696635231720
Elegant Protector Gloves7840937410119
Elegant Protector Boots7835132010119
3-Piece BonusMSPD: +5%, CSPD: +5%
4-Piece BonusSTR: +40, INT: +21, ATK: +20%
5-Piece BonusCRIT: +10%, HP: +10%

Mystic - Table Turner Set: Male || Female
Table Turner Hat80583554101010-
Table Turner Robe79752714201723-
Table Turner Tights776826481723-20
Table Turner Gloves7834432712117-
Table Turner Boots784013811110-9
3-Piece BonusMSPD: +5%, CSPD: +5%
4-Piece BonusSTR: +40, ASPD: +10%
5-Piece Bonus10% Attacking: [Causes Attack to hit three times.]

Archmage - Mystical Heretic Set: Male || Female
Mystical Heretic Crown804776049138
Mystical Heretic Robe79615779232017
Mystical Heretic Tights77558707231720
Mystical Heretic Gloves782823576177
Mystical Heretic Boots783284616177
3-Piece BonusINT: +21, MSPD: +5%
4-Piece Bonus12% Attacking: [Causes Attack to hit twice.] ACC: -8%
5-Piece BonusMCRITD: +20%, MATK: +5%

Demonologist - Death Pillory Set: Male || Female
Death Pillory Crown8048759213125
Death Pillory Robe79627763252015
Death Pillory Tights77569693182220
Death Pillory Gloves782883503198
Death Pillory Boots783354523198
3-Piece BonusINT: +21, VIT: +14
4-Piece BonusEVA: +10%, CSPD: +5%
5-Piece BonusPhantom Form Duration: +8
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats   Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats Icon_minitimeFri May 14, 2010 10:13 am

Wow, this is really handy. Ty Rei! Very Happy
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Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats Empty
PostSubject: Re: Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats   Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats Icon_minitime

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Upcoming Orange/Yellow Gear Stats
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