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PostSubject: Prefixes   Prefixes Icon_minitimeSat Aug 14, 2010 9:48 pm

This is to all who haven't already heard. The next content update is going to feature new "prefixes" to orange and yellow gear. If your wondering what that means, after the content is added, orange and yellow gear will now be produced with a prefix. If your wondering what they prefixes are, they are things like Spellbreakers, Gargoyoles. Ancient Ape and things of that nature. The base stats of the yellow weapons will not change, but they will now have small added bonuses. So you may wind up with a sword that adds int or a staff that adds agi. If you are unsatisfied with your prefix, Aeria offers "Legendary Enchants" that will allow you to reroll your gear's prefix. I hope this helps people understand the new prefix system. Here is a link to all the possibilities that your new crafted gear can have AKFrost Smile
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